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DrinksGaming without poitions...wrong.

BombersHere is what we got.

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    Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout
    Cigar City Brewing

    This Russian Imperial Stout is dedicated to Gregory Zhukov. Arguably one of World War II’s finest generals and a man bold enough to appreciate the rich, complex flavors of a beer brewed to fortify a body through the Russian winter. Like military geniuses, Russian Imperial Stouts reach their peak with a little age on them, so we release Marshal Zhukov’s Russian Imperial Stout in sweltering August so that it will be at peak flavor come January

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    Cigar City Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout - Vanilla Hazelnut
    Cigar City Brewing

    This Russian Imperial Stout is dedicated to Georgy Zhukov, arguably one of the finest generals of World War II. Huge in body with strong flavors of espresso, chocolate and molasses, this unique iteration of Zhukov’s adds roasted hazelnuts and vanilla to impart even more complexity and depth of flavor to this massive, jet-black stout. In the immortal words of Marshal Zhukov himself, “Есть вещи в России, которые не являются, как они кажутся.”

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    Guinness The 1759
    Guinness Ltd.

    Pour a Guinness The 1759 and enjoy a beer like no other. The distinctive fusion of caramel and warming butterscotch is just the beginning. Where the flavour goes from there depends on you. Like the complexity of every palate, the sum of the ingredients is altogether unique. The 1759: made rarely. MADE OF MORE™. - See more at: https://www.guinness.com/en-ie/beers-around-the-world/guinness-the-1759/#sthash.XwVKd2nj.dpuf

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    Hanssens Experimental Cassis
    Hanssens Artisanaal

    Experimental brew w/ black currants; Version 1-2008: only 10 special cases made; 6.0%
    This listing is for BOTH the bottled version, as for the draught cassislambic, as they are essentialy the same beer!

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    Into The Dark Unknown
    Infinite Ale Works

    his is Infinite’s version of what some would refer to as a Russian Imperial Stout; but since we brew all ‘Belgian Inspired’ beers, this is our version of a dark, rich stout. The beer is dark; just as total darkness is. At first glance many fear it, but with a slight chance with the aroma, fears start to subside and are replaced with a strong urging to enter the darkness. This is an extremely complex beer brewed with numerous malts and loads of hops to ‘tame’ the rich malt character. Smell, Taste, Enjoy!

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    Goose Island Beer Co.

    Lolita is a pink rose colored Belgian style pale ale fermented with wild yeast and aged on raspberries in wine barrels. Aromas of fresh raspberries, bright jammy fruit flavors and crisp, refreshing body make Lolita ideal for beer drinkers fond of Belgian Framboise. 10oz pour

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    New Belgium Lips of Faith - Tart Lychee
    New Belgium Brewing Company

    To sweet and sour! In celebration of one of the greatest combinations ever, lychee fruit brings tropical sweetness to the party hosted by Felix, our golden wood-aged sour beer. Cinnamon sticks were invited to spice things up and so are you! Get in on the tasty revelry that is Tart Lychee.

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    Pinchy Jeek Barl
    Anderson Valley Brewing Company

    Aged for 6 months in Wild Turkey® barrels, this bourbon barrel-aged pumpkin ale is pleasantly creamy with a silky body and sweet caramel flavor. The aging process imparts notes of coconut, vanilla, and oak to compliment the tang of the spices and a hint of hops, all wrapped in a smooth, round finish.

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    Yodo Con Leche
    5 Rabbit Cerveceria

    Mocha-like strong porter with a luscious creaminess and a lovely, fresh-roasted coffee nose. The finish is a lot like a Latin cup of coffee: intense, delicious and satisfyingly long.

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Why only craft beers?

The number one reason is craft beer tastes better than the "beer water" that is mass produced and mass marketed by the big beer companies. Craft beer tastes better because craft brewers spend their time focusing the quality of their beer rather than focusing on their marketing campaigns and stock prices.

Oh yeah! Craft beers can pack a punch. Most craft beers range from 5-10% ABV, but some can reach 20%, 30%, and even 40% ABV.