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    Band Hero

    Guitar Hero lets you play the songs your favorite artists play. Band Hero takes things one step further, and gives you a chan...

  • Thumb front cover
    Dance Dance Revolution Universe

    It's never been easier to join the Dance Dance Revolution! The mega-popular music franchise hits a new level with this 360-ex...

  • Thumb front cover
    DJ Hero

    The makers of Guitar Hero introduce an entirely fresh and innovative way to experience music. DJ Hero features an amazing var...

  • Thumb front cover
    DJ Hero 2

    You can bring a second DJ to the party in this second installment of the groundbreaking music experience. Who gets to play th...

  • Thumb front cover
    Guitar Hero 5

    Guitar Hero delivers another chart-topping performance with new modes, new music, and more customization than ever before. Fo...

  • Thumb front cover
    Guitar Hero II

    Get your backstage demands ready. You're about to become a Guitar Hero in this sequel to the hit music smash. Guitar Hero II ...

  • Thumb front cover
    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    Turn that amp to 11 and grab your axe, because it's time to rock! Step on stage and into the spotlight as you join your band ...

  • Thumb front cover
    Guitar Hero: Van Halen

    Big hair? Check. Big riffs? Got those too. Lead one of rock's legendary bands as Van Halen takes center stage in Guitar Hero....

  • Thumb front cover
    Guitar Hero World Tour

    Now's your chance to get onboard the biggest tour yet! The classic GH style is back, updated with new features and the larges...

  • Thumb front cover
    LEGO: Rock Band

    Building a fanbase takes on a whole new meaning as LEGO meets Rock Band! LEGO Rock Band is an all-access club where families ...

  • Thumb front cover
    Rock Band 2

    Rock Band writes another chapter in gaming and music history with this follow-up to its mega-popular opening act. Rock Band 2...

  • Thumb front cover
    Rock Band Metal Track Pack

    When the forecast calls for heavy metal thunder, there's only one thing to do: ride the rock lightning! Rock Band conquers an...

  • Thumb front cover
    The Beatles: Rock Band

    In 1964, the Beatles took America by storm on the Ed Sullivan show. Forty-five years, dozens of hits, and a gazillion album s...

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