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  • Thumb front cover
    Dark Souls

    Death is not the end - it might be the only way you can continue your journey in this shadowy, demon-infested RPG. At the daw...

  • Thumb front cover
    Fable III

    The next Fable will be authored by a new generation. Return to the kingdom of Albion and shape your destiny playing as the ch...

  • Thumb front cover
    Fable: The Journey

    Take a new kind of journey through the land of Albion: One you experience firsthand in this adventure built from the ground u...

  • Thumb front cover
    Final Fantasy XIII

    Prepare to be blown away by the first Final Fantasy game to harness the power of HD. Follow a new cast of characters who have...

  • Thumb front cover
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    The fate of planet Earth and the entire Marvel Universe is at stake. Luckily, you're about to assemble your dream team of sup...

  • Thumb front cover
    Mass Effect

    The fate of the entire universe hinges on the outcome of your decisions in this epic sci-fi action RPG. Solve the mystery beh...

  • Thumb front cover
    Two Worlds

    The world will change with your choices, and your choices will change the world! A true role-playing experience is in your ha...

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All games you see listed here are available to play on one of our consoles in the gaming lounge. To play a game just see the Game Master at the front of Player 1. Remember to check out a game/controller you must have an open tab at the bar and have at least two drinks per hour on your tab.