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    EA Sports NBA Jam

    High flying, rim-rocking, NBA action is back with the return of NBA Jam! The arcade classic is heating up for Xbox 360, bring...

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    Kinect Sports

    There is nothing missing in these sports games - except the controller! Get in the game in full-body style with Kinect Sports...

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    Madden NFL 13

    Madden is back, and it's time to lead your team by barking out signals on both sides of the ball in Madden's most immersive e...

  • Thumb front cover
    Madden NFL 25

    Madden NFL 25 celebrates the franchise's past while running a go route straight into gaming's future. Experience the most lif...

  • Thumb front cover
    NBA 2K13

    Forget stepping into the shoes of your favorite players, NBA 2K13 lets you create a shoe of your own! Use an intuitive new Co...

  • Thumb front cover
    NBA 2K14

    If you're going to put King James on your cover, you'd better have the game to back it up. NBA 2K14 delivers, with over 3,000...

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    NHL 09

    It's time to hit the ice! The world's most critically acclaimed hockey series returns this year with all-new features set to ...

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    NHL 12

    NHL 12 delivers hard-hitting, glass-shattering, old-time hockey. Play with new Full Contact Physics as you knock players over...

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    Skate 2

    The Mongo Co. is rebuilding San Vanelona after an earthquake. You've spent the last five years in prison, and you're ready to...

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    Skate 3

    Skate 3 wants you to bring your friends along for the ride! The award-winning franchise has created a new skater's paradise,...

  • Thumb front cover

    1260-degree Double McTwist? That's nothing. In SSX, the greatest trick is simply surviving the run. Ride in the most extreme ...

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    Virtua Tennis 4

    If you have an Xbox 360, you now have the ability to own a tennis court. Virtua Tennis 4 steps out onto the court for a new e...

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All games you see listed here are available to play on one of our consoles in the gaming lounge. To play a game just see the Game Master at the front of Player 1. Remember to check out a game/controller you must have an open tab at the bar and have at least two drinks per hour on your tab.