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Playstation 4 GamesThe newest console from Sony now available at Player 1 at the bar.

  • Thumb front cover
    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

    The latest Assassin's Creed takes players deep into the world of pirates, privateers, and the salty dogs and scallywags of th...

  • Thumb front cover
    Battlefield 4

    Whether it's by land, by air, or by sea, Battlefield 4 is ready for next-gen destruction. Fight through Shanghai and experien...

  • Thumb front cover
    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    The franchise that revolutionized gaming does it again, relaunching with a new experience designed to blow away everything yo...

  • Thumb front cover
    FIFA 14

    Step onto the field and immerse yourself in the excitement of next-gen action with FIFA 14 for the PS4. EA Sports' new Ignite...

  • Thumb front cover
    Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition

    Pit DC Comics heroes like Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman against villains like the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Solomon Grun...

  • Thumb front cover
    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    A giant security wall is the thin line that stands between fragile coexistence and mutually assured destruction. Set 30 years...

  • Thumb front cover

    The unlikely hero of Knack stands only three feet tall, but harnesses the power of ancient relics to transform himself into a...

  • Thumb front cover
    Madden NFL 25

    From its robust single-player mode to Madden’s famous online play, Madden NFL 25 is the ultimate football video game. The PS4...

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    NBA 2K14

    With music curated by NBA legend and cover athlete LeBron James, revamped controls, and realer-than-real presentation, NBA 2K...

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    Need for Speed Rivals

    Need for Speed: Rivals takes the open-world racing game genre to new levels. While the huge, open map, exotic cars, and high-...

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All games you see listed here are available to play on one of our consoles in the gaming lounge. To play a game just see the Game Master at the front of Player 1. Remember to check out a game/controller you must have an open tab at the bar and have at least two drinks per hour on your tab.