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Bioshock: Burial at Sea Episode 2 ReviewApril 16, 2014 22:48

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Katy’s Note: This is written hoping the reader has played and understands the Bioshock backstory. If you haven’t played through the Bioshock series …seriously, what are you doing?

Sequels can be dangerous. Fans of a great series often want more, and a “moneygrab” by the publisher following a well-respected title can sometimes be hard to resist. BioShock has been one of those rare series of games where the story is so gripping that each and every ending feels like a breakup. The credits roll, and the player releases their controller onto the ground shouting something to the beat of; “THAT’S THE END???” And must now accept the fact that this adventure has come to a close. Game over.

Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and now Infinite’s DLC all tell exceptional stories.
Notice I didn't mention Bioshock 2. That’s all I’ll say.

The latest episode in Burial at Sea lets you explore Rapture as Elizabeth. This version of Elizabeth is from a whole different lighthouse, and in more ways than one. With the change in perspective comes a change in play style.


While this is a stealthier visit to Rapture, I missed being able to charge around the map, plasmids/vigors/guns blastin’ and giving splicers hell. Bioshock and Infinite were filled with so many moments of badassery and left the player feeling invincible, or at the very least extremely cool- Fonzie level cool, people. I love Elizabeth as a character, but I didn't sign up to sneak around. It just wasn't as satisfying.

Burial at sea    bioshock infinite  burial at sea part 4

But let me be real with y’all, when I downloaded this particular content I had desires of the “story driven” kind. This gamer just desperately wanted to know more about the beautifully detailed world she had been transported to, and the mind-blowing characters that reside in it. More story, that’s really all I wanted. More explanation of the “crazy bananas, ridiculously smart, plot-twist shit” that had been tearing at my dork brain for so long now. And man, Irrational Games certainly delivered on that front.

While I’ll admit to sitting in front of my television somewhat confused, doubting my own intellect, upon completion. It’s one of the reasons I love this game so much. To fully appreciate the experience, discussions and debates about the insanity of the plot are sure to take place among the players of this DLC. A fellow gamer and I spent hours discussing the new “crazy bananas, ridiculously smart, plot-twist shit” that Burial at Sea thankfully has no shortage of. Finally, the cobwebs clear, the revelation hits and so many things fall into place.

If loved the Bioshock series, Burial at Sea deserves your playtime. Considering the recent news that Irrational Games is no more and this is the last piece of the Bioshock tale Ken Levine will ever touch- I certainly get the distinct impression he wanted to leave fans of his game feeling whole before moving on to new things. This DLC deeply connects each installment in the series. Truly, it’s a thing of beauty.

4 Beer Taps Out of 5.

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