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Player 1's First Year: A RetrospectiveJune 25, 2014 22:13

Player 1 Video Game Bar has celebrated its first birthday. It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago, I walked into the bar for my job interview. Even though the space was still finishing up construction, it was a beautiful sight to see. So. Much. Cool. Stuff.

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"This was one of the first images posted the the bar's Facebook page when the location was finally selected! "

My brain couldn’t handle the exquisite overload of gaming. Arcade machines everywhere, gorgeous art depicting the worlds favorite characters all over the walls, game consoles I had only read about and of course the bar full of taps waiting to be used. One of the owners showed me around the place before the interview, his name was Jeff. My future boss. So remember when I said “my brain couldn’t handle” everything I was taking in? Yea, this next part is 100% true....Jeff is explaining his vision for the bar to me and telling me more cool things than I can even remember, when I stopped dead in my tracks and said this winner of a professional statement: “Wow. I have SUCH a nerd boner right now.” Yep, no joke people. I couldn’t help myself.

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"This was taken after our first staff meeting! The hype was real. "

Embarrassed, I realized what I had just said in front my prospective employer and nervously looked to him, but he was laughing and nodding. This new bar was about to become my second home, and second family. Soon after the opening staff was hired, the meetings began to get everyone prepped for the day we open our doors. We were no ordinary opening staff, however, which was only fitting considering Player 1 is no ordinary bar. We were a bunch of excited dorks with experience from all kinds of jobs. Entertainers, bartenders, retail, servers, students and many other fascinating positions but never anything quite like this. So we all had some serious learning to do.

However, with owners like Jeff and Rhett, their passion for the bar rang clear enough for the team to come together and press start on this new adventure with them.

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"Look at those shiny new taps. They look so lonely without their respective kegs. "

Personally, I always knew this place was going to be a huge success. But in the beginning we were still very much a work in progress. While we are still constantly evolving for the better, at first there was a lot of morphing/problem shooting to get through. Which was normal, being a brand new company and all. We had our share of stressful situations, but with each solution came a new lesson to be learned. Soon after getting the wheels were turning smoothly, we had leveled up and were ready to rock it.

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"There we go, much better. Beer is flowing, and life is good. "

Events, tournaments, memberships, cosplay and so many games. None of which would be possible without our kickass guests.

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"My absolute favorite event I worked this past year. Our 80's hairband night. Can you handle this picture? Or did it melt your face off? Yea, that's what I thought..."

We love you guys. Seriously. You complete the Player 1 family. I have met so many cool people because of this job. People that have become regulars, people from all over the world, cast members, team members and the list goes on and on. There is one group that needs a special shout out here. Our members. Our members are the best members for anything, ever. Your continued support and love for Player 1 has allowed us to unlock so many achievements. I cannot explain the excitement I feel whenever I see one of you wearing our shirts out and about. It’s heart-warming, and a bit thrilling.

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"Oh, just Jeff and Rhett hanging with some big names in the video game industry. Like Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2. Nerd-boner again. "

We celebrated our first anniversary with a members-only party, and it was almost surreal. A lot of the guests that night were people that have been hanging out with us since the very beginning. And here they were, all dressed up and ready to party. You could feel the excitement in the air, I realize that sounds cheesy but it’s true man. There were photographers documenting the event, which added some serious hype to the mix. We even had body-paint models made to look like Cortana, Samus and Jade walking around the place. I’m sorry, maybe you should read that last sentence again. Seriously, how awesome is that?

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"Player 1 loves you. Thank you for making our first year such a fun ride. Onward to year two! "

So many people in the gaming community went through a period of time when playing video games gave people license to make fun or name call. Now, however, the passion of gamers is a beautiful thing. It is cool to be a nerd. It is cool to get really excited about things and “geek out”. And what a perfect time for a place to open and give the community a place to geek out together.

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