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The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5July 30, 2014 18:49

-- I couldn't press "A" fast enough.

If you’ve been following Katy’s Corner for any amount of time, then you probably know that I love Telltale Games. So, I will try to control my fandom and write this from a calm, collected point of view.

-- We are totally not friends, sir. Stop offering me things. Jerk.

Ha! As if. I’m about to geek out hardcore. If you can’t handle a proper nerd-splosion, please exit out of the tab now.

Still here? Ok.

This finale was excellent. If you weren’t convinced enough to play through this series before, I sincerely hope I can entice you enough to change that, because missing out on the epic-ness that is this finale would truly be a shame.

From start to finish, the game is a rollercoaster. It picks up right where the previous episode left off, which was on a huge cliffhanger by the way. So right away the player is immersed back into the world of Fabletown.

-- Mam, do you know why I pulled you over? Because I'm the Big Bad Wolf, idiot.

You are in a room, filled with the baddies of the series (The ones that made it this far, at least). One of which is the person responsible for the brutal murders in town, the one you’ve been tracking since episode one. So it is a sweet feeling to finally corner them.

But after hours of detective work and intense suspect questionings, Bigby needs to be ready to accuse the right person. You must to be ready to bring the murderer in for a fair trial, yet do you really know who did it? The ringleader, the Crooked Man, tries to keep things cordial between Bigby and the shady brutes surrounding the pair. For me, this was a futile effort. This was no time for a tea party, and I wanted answers or blood was about to be spilt...for justice, of course.

You see, remember when I raved about the choice-making mechanic in my Episode 3 review? If not, hey guess what, I really enjoy making big choices in games and now you know.

-- Speechless.

I played this whole series trying desperately to bring trust back to Bigby Wolf’s name. From the beginning, characters are terrified of the Big Bad Wolf because of his violent past, and frankly who wouldn’t be. As you learn more about his transition from scary beast to town sheriff, it’s difficult to not sympathize with him. We’ve all been misunderstood or judged harshly by our mistakes. Sometimes it only takes one person to finally stop the shame train and help build you up to be the person you’d like to be.

-- Look how sad this guy is making Snow. I can't handle that out. Dudebro best back off, Bigby doesn't look like he's playing around either.

In this case, the player gets to opportunity to do that! So I did! And man....did I let my emotions get the better of me in this finale. I’ll explain in a bit. As the episode progresses, it’s just epiphany after epic chase scene after epiphany after epic battle scene....you get the gist. Many epic things happen and it is simply brilliant.

Man, it’s hard to do this without spoilers but I genuinely want you guys to experience all this for yourself so I shall keep trying. (At the very least look up a play-through online if you refuse to play, jeez.)

During one of the above-mentioned epic battle scenes, let me just say this. There is a moment where the player feels absolutely overwhelmed. A feeling of defeat swept through me as my mind raced over how I was going to get Mr. Wolf out of this one. When suddenly, he made the choice for me. As I watched my screen I yelled out; “He’s going to huff and puff isn’t he? Oh man....he really is...DUDE YOU BETTER WATCH OUT. THE BIG BAD WOLF IS ABOUT TO HUFF AND MOTHA’EFFIN PUFF AND BLOW ALL YOU SUCKERS DOWN MAN.”

I really need to start filming these things for you guys. It must be hard to believe these reactions happen...but they totally do. You’ll see.

Anyhow, a common complaint in games like this is that all those big choices don’t really seem to matter in the end. (Mass Effect 3, I’m lookin’ at you kid. You may be my favorite series ever....but you aren’t perfect. That’s ok I love you anyway.) This is so not the case here. When you finally get to this long awaited trial, everything you did or didn’t do either comforts or comes back to haunt you.

-- Yea you better applaud me, see all these people behind me? They want you out. Sorry not sorry.

Characters may be missing limbs, have a set opinion on you based on your actions or may not even be there at all because they didn’t make it out of your version of the story alive. During the trial, any actions performed by the player that the murderer deems questionable will be brought up to your peers, as if to make them ask themselves whether or not they should even be listening to you.

This absolutely infuriated me, which led up to my losing control and ultimately making a rash decision. How dare you, murderer? I did not stress over how I treated every single character in the series to have you make me look foolish in front of everyone.

If the player is able to win over the townspeople and prove the suspect guilty, it of course falls onto Bigby to decide what to do with the menace.

Lock them up for good? Use the fable version of the death penalty? Or, let the wolf out and give them the same treatment they gave to their victims?

Well, I was angry. Fuming. The murders were so violently awful, and I just couldn’t help myself. I allowed my inner beast to take over and went with the third option. As satisfying as it was, regret consumed me almost immediately. In the top-left corner of my screen, a devastating message popped up for me to see.

-- NO. SHIT.

“Fabletown is afraid of The Big Bad Wolf”

No, no wait...shit. That was my call and now I must accept it. Which will you choose?

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