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My Top 5 Most Anticipated Titles So Far!August 17, 2014 09:34

Still, I know you guys are busy people. Places to go, galaxies to save, I understand. So, to make this easier to digest, I’ve broken up the announcements I am most interested to see play out into tasty little snack-sized chunks.

Before I get to have fun though, let me just get this out of the way:



Are....are they gone? Did I appease the FPS gods? Ok. Phew. Let’s go then!

Kingdom hearts 3 logo

Kingdom Hearts 3- Square Enix, Release Date TBA.
There was no way I could leave this one out. In a fantastic combination of worlds, Square takes us on journey through Disney and Final Fantasy’s lovechild. Playing once again as Sora, the player shall be wielding keyblades and slaying heartless during the search for the “Key to Return Hearts” to stop the darkness. So far, trailers haven’t divulged too much information, other than the game looks GORGEOUS. Also, with Disney’s new acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios and Lucasfilm....we are all hoping to be able to explore some of those worlds in this next adventure. How cool would it be to swing around New York with Spidy, fight crime with The Incredibles or maybe....just maybe... lightsaber duel Darth Vader with Yoda kicking ass by our side? Call me a dreamer, man, but I would pay full price for that one.

Uncharted e3trailer blog960x540

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End- Naughty Dog , Release Date TBA 2015
Nathan Drake is about to embark on what seems to be his final treasure hunt expedition, and the trailer left me speechless. As did Nathan’s face...animated or not, that man is gorgeous. Anyway, other than the stunning graphical capabilities the PS4 brings to the table, it didn’t let us in on the story. However, the feel of the trailer alone was epic enough to keep me invested. I’m intrigued to see how The Last of Us directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley handle directing the project as the series’ previous writing and directing leads have moved on to Visceral and Riot Games. Will they be able to keep fans satisfied? It must be a lot of pressure....can’t wait to see the fandom yay or nay it!

Far cry 4 listing thumb 01 us 13may14

Far Cry 4- Ubisoft Montreal, Release Date November 18th, 2014
Out of all the announcements and trailers that have been flooding the HD gates recently, this was the game that took me the most by surprise. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the FarCry series at all until I got my hands on the third installment last year. Then I was hooked. That game, man. That friggen’ game. The story, gameplay, visuals, characters and the music all came together to form an explosive ride I could not put down until I finished. Vaas Montenegro has to be one of my favorite bad guys in any game ever. Michael Mando’s acting performance is stunning, and I can only hope this new baddie will be up to the challenge. Oh also, fun fact. I LOVE Asian stuff, anyone who has seen the inside of my apartment can attest to that. Or if you’ve ever noticed the little waving Lucky Cat at the entrance of Player 1...yeah I bought that. So, you can imagine my delight when I figured out this was set in South Asia. You can use elephants to kill your enemies. Elephants, people. ELEPHANTS.

A bird story joakim poster med

A Bird Story- Freebird Games, Release Date November 6, 2014
This one almost flew under the radar for me, pun unintended, which would’ve been devastating. Unlike the previous games I’ve mentioned, this one may not ringing any bells for many of you. Ken R. Gao/Freebird Games are the creators behind the game, but I only know of him/their work because of the game they made before this one. To The Moon. A 2011 RPG Maker game, the premise is basically that a new scientific corporation offers people on their death beds the opportunity to artificially change their memories to fulfill their lifelong wish. The game truly is a work of art, and yes. I cried. I cried a lot. A Bird Story is sure to be just as emotionally stunning and I can’t wait to see how they rip my heart apart this time. So far I know it involves a boy, and an injured bird he rescues. Oh, the possibilities!

Alien isolation generaljpg 0a5ab5

Alien: Isolation- The Creative Assembly/SEGA, Release Date October 7th, 2014
15 years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda is on the case to figure out what has happened to her mother. Spoiler alert, aliens are involved. In this survival horror, the player gets to play as Amanda in a terrifying space station as you may have guessed. However, this particular sci-fi hell is plagued with only one Alien...and it cannot be killed. Instead the player must survive by using their wits and stealth only. And they better be on their game because this Alien is intelligent. It learns from the actions of the player upon every encounter in an effort to eventually outsmart and kill Amanda. Fantastic. Despite this sounding like nightmare fuel, I can’t wait to play it! Sci-fi horror for the win!

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