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Player 1 RulesAge restrictions also.

Age Restrictions

  • All ages are allowed before 5pm.
  • Under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. 5 per adult (age 25 or over).
  • Underage guests must stay with their guardian at all times.
  • Under 21 must leave by 6pm.

Dress Code

  • Clean appropriate attire.
  • No sunglasses, hoodies, or overly baggy clothes.
  • No openly displayed evidence of gang affiliation.
  • CosPlayer’s are welcome, but no large props, masks, helmets, or weapons of any kind unless per a pre-authorized event.

Gamer Etiquette

  • No aggressive or disruptive behavior will be tolerated whatsoever.
  • If playing an arcade game and someone else is waiting to play, finish your game and allow them a turn.
  • No abusive language. Smack talk is one thing, But don’t cross the line.

No Smoking. Drink Responsibly.