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B. Nektar Meadery Tuco Style Freakout

Sweet Mead 6.0% ABV 40.0 IBU

Agave lime mead.

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Tuco-style freakout, also known as our agave lime, is set to hit shelves april 2016 and brings such a good flavor that this stuff would give heisenberg a run for his money.

we introduced this agave lime mead to the 2015 michigan mead cup and was awarded best in show and a gold medal. the inspiration comes from a margarita mead that our mead makers wanted to have as a lighter carbonated version and something that was an easy drinking, warm weather crusher. with the mexican/southwest ingredients inspired by the margarita mead, it seemed appropriate to create a label based on everyone’s favorite southwest-set show, breaking bad. tuco was an unforgettable character, and while he made have been erratic, this mead is nothing but tight, tight, tight! take a look here are more info on the tuco-style freakout!

Brewery: B. Nektar Meadery

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