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Play Station All Stars Battle Royale

Playstation all-stars battle royal is a cross over fighting game featuring (mostly exclusive) iconic characters from various playstation franchises. each stage also feature prominent setting from other franchises.

playable characters are:
big daddy (bioshock)
cole macgrath (infamous)
colonel radec (killzone)
dante (dmc)
emmett graves (starhawk) (dlc content)
evil cole mcgrath (infamous)
fate princess (fat princess)
heihachi mishima (tekken)
isaac clarke (dead space) (dlc content)
jak and daxter (jak and daxter)
kat (gravity rush) (dlc content)
kratos (god of war)
nariko (heavenly sword)
nathan drake (uncharted)
parappa (parappa the rapper)
raiden (metal gear revengeance)
ratchet and clank (ratchet and clank)
sackboy (little big planet)
sir daniel fortesque (medievil)
sly cooper (sly cooper)
spike (ape escape)
sweet tooth (twisted metal)
toro inoue (doku demo issyo)
zeus (god of war) (dlc content)

Players: 4

Relase Date: 2012-11-20

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