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Blaz Blue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

Blazblue: chrono phantasma extend (formerly dubbed as blazblue: chrono phantasma 2.0 in arcade version) is a 2d fighting game and the enhanced version of blazblue: chrono phantasma. chrono phantasma extend adds two additional characters: lambda-11 and celica a. mercury. the console release introduced extra story modes, such as the beach scenario from the playstation vita version of chrono phantasma, a new story based on the blazblue: remix heart manga, and additional scenarios for certain characters such as kokonoe, kagura, and bullet. for the localized version of extend, library mode reintroduced from the japanese release. the playstation vita version of chrono phantasma extend also adds dual audio to the story mode, which was not present in the original vita release.

Players: 2

Relase Date: 2015-10-23

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