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Moto Gp '07

Motogp '07 features complete rider and team data, new 800cc motogp bikes and all 18 circuit of the 2007 motogp season. the title also features interactive track-side crowds, on-line tournament features, on-line "pink slip" racing, and a revamped extreme mode. the revamped extreme mode allows for over one million possible bike customizations.

in addition, minor gameplay changes have been made to the handling and braking to allow for easier player accessibility. changes to acceleration and deceleration have been made to add to the realism which will make turns easier to navigate through. slight fishtailing with hard braking has been put in to give a better feel for the handling of the bike and to let the player know how effective their braking is.

Players: 4

Relase Date: 2007-08-24

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