Player 1's

Rules of the Bar

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What do we serve?
Player 1 is a crafty place which means we only serve craft beers, sakes, meads, and wines. You won't find any liquor here and you definitely won't find Bud Light and those things here. If your new to craft beers our staff is more than happy to help you make a selection.

On many days there are specials on drinks. Please check our Facebook page for the latest specials or check our events page.

Who can come in?
To gain entry into Player 1 you must have a valid ID that proves your age. Invalid ID will not be accepted for entry. This includes cracked and expired IDs, out of country driver licenses, out of country IDs.

How much to get in?
On most days there is a cover charge to get into Player 1. The cover charge is $5 per person for Florida Residents (Valid ID must be presented.), $8 for out of state IDs. (Please note: Underage does have a different higher charge per person and are allowed only at certain times during the day. All underaged persons must vacate the premises at the designated time.) This will allow you to come and go all night long. Please check our Facebook page for special cover nights.

Gamer Etiquette

  • Select systems and consoles do have an upcharge to play. In most cases this is $5 per hour, however this is subject to change. Most up to date information is available by contacting us.)
  • No aggressive or disruptive behavior will be tolerated whatsoever.
  • If playing an arcade game and someone else is waiting to play, finish your game and allow them a turn.
  • No abusive language. Smack talk is one thing, But don’t cross the line.
  • No Smoking. Drink Responsibly.