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Beers. Games. Music.

After four decades of Video Gaming; a few things are clear to us:

  • Arcade games must be played in their original format: joysticks, buttons, and a lo-rez tv screen in a big custom cabinet!
  • Playing online has its drawbacks, nothing beats playing against opponents sitting across the room.
  • Video Games deserve a place to celebrate the art and history of the #1 form of entertainment in the world.
  • We like Beer…ales to stouts and everything in between!

Latest Beers

  • Bourbon County Brand Stout
    Goose Island Beer Company

    A liquid as dark and dense as a black hole with thick foam the color of a bourbon barrel. the nose is an intense mix of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and smoke.

  • Icelandic Doppelbock
    Einstök Icelandic Craft Ale

    This limited-edition seasonal is only available through the holiday season, but this winter celebration brew is worth the wait. malted barley and chocolate tones define the traditional style.

  • Green Apple Hard Cider
    Mc Kenzie's Hard Cider

    Mckenzie’s green apple hard cider has quite the kick. maybe it’s the delicious crisp, slightly tart bite of green apples or the 6% alcohol.

Upcoming Event

  • Mashup Mondays
    Monday - 12/18

    Come in and enjoy a few new drinks and challenge your friends to a game of Smash Bros. Or enjoy a...

  • Trivia Tuesday
    Tuesday - 12/19

    Come stop by Player 1 and test your knowledge. Our trivia tends to go towards games and nerdy thi...

  • Ladies Of Overwatch
    Wednesday - 12/20

    We are so excited to announce that every Wednesday we will be hosting FREE casual Overwatch tourn...


  • Sunday 4pm - 2am
  • Monday 4pm - 2am
  • Tuesday 4pm - 2am
  • Wednesday 4pm - 2am
  • Thursday 4pm - 2am
  • Friday 4pm - 2am
  • Saturday 4pm - 2am

Under 21 allowed from open to 6pm with supervision from an adult. After 6pm valid ID showing you are 21 or up required to enter. On most days a cover charge is required to enter. Underage, during allowed hours, do have a higher cover charge.

Gamer Etiquette

  • No aggressive or disruptive behavior will be tolerated whatsoever.
  • If playing an arcade game and someone else is waiting to play, finish your game and allow them a turn.
  • No abusive language. Smack talk is one thing, But don’t cross the line.
  • No Smoking. Drink Responsibly.