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Brouwerij Het Anker Lucifer

Belgian Style Blonde Ale 8.5% ABV

Strong notes of honey and hay along with some light vanilla, and the finish is crisp and citrusy with some white pepper and alcohol on the finish.

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Lucifer entered the market in the mid 1980s under the label of liefmans breweries. it was an extension to the popular segment of strong, blonde beers. after liefmans breweries disappeared, lucifer fell into the hands of our neighbours and friends duvel moortgat. however, they only wished to concentrate on liefmans’ fruit beers. lucifer was in danger of dying a silent death. but we didn’t let it get that far, our conscience couldn’t allow this to happen. het anker received the right to produce and commercialise lucifer. may we roast in hell if it doesn’t follow the success of our own beers!

Brewery: Brouwerij Het Anker

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