Player 1 Orlando
What is the Entry Fee?

Standard Entry (Non local visitors) $8
Standard Entry (Florida residents) $5
Standard Entry for Theme Park Employees (Valid Sunday through Thursday) $4 * Under 21 of age are allowed until 8pm (after 8pm 21+ only), but have a higher entry fee. Please check with the location for more details.

Are minors welcome?

Under 21 of age are allowed until 8pm (after 8pm 21+ only), but have a higher entry fee. Please check with the location for more details.

What are the hours?

Our hours sometimes change, but currently we are 1pm to 2am everyday.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, please see our menu for all of our alcoholic drinks. We also serve some non-alcholic drinks.

How does a membership work?

We sell an Annual Membership that gets you and a friend in for free for one year. That also gives you a percentage discount on everything at the bar. There are some other perks we do for members from time to time as well. Please enquire at the front for current prices and more information.

Can I bring in my own controller?

You can bring your own controllers or games, you cannot bring your own systems. Please check in any personal items at the front before entering the bar.

Can we bring outside food?

No outside food and/or beverages are allowed into the bar.

How can I book a party or event?

Contact us on Facebook through messenger for setting up your party or event.

Do you show (Sports)?

We generally do not show sports or other media in the bar. The TVs in the bar are primarily used for Video Gaming. You can, however, use our Lounge TVs to log into your own streaming services.

How can I apply for a position?

Send us an email or FB Message. Try and include a resume and pics of you in your cosplays if you cosplay. Cosplay is a requirement for employment.

What are your cleaning policies?

We try to maintain a very clean environment given all the interactive nature of our bar. Gametenders are on constant patrol to clean the customer areas. We issue wipe cloths and have spray sanitizer stations throughout the bar. Please wipe a game before you play and wipe a game when you leave a game. Our gametenders take special pride in maintaining a clean game or gametable. Please let them know if you see a spill or a mess anywhere in the bar.

What is a Valid ID?

Allowed IDs

To enter Player 1 you must have a valid ID showing that you are twenty-one (21) or older, regardless of age. Identification questions CANNOT be determined over the phone or via email. Since, the appearance of the individual presenting the identification must be compared to the identification presented by the individual, identification questions can only be answered in person by the individual looking at the identification in question.

Every person entering Player 1 must present a valid Photo Drivers License or Identification with the exception of minors during hours where they are allowed. An adult, however, does need to be present and will have an ID check. Details below.

Drivers License – If a driver’s license is changed, duplicate, damaged, or if the door person doesn’t believe the individual presenting the identification is the person who is pictured on the identification, secondary (back up) photo identification is required.

United States Drivers License MUST be in English. If a non English ID is presented it CAN be accepted with a passport or passport photo as long as it meets the guidelines below.

If any tape or other fastener material is used to hold the ID together it WILL NOT be accepted.

If portions of your ID are missing it WILL NOT be accepted.

Any portions of the laminate that is missing or damaged your ID WILL NOT be accepted.

Temporary printed Drivers License WILL NOT be accepted.

Passport – If the passport appears altered in any way, or if the individual presenting the identification does not look like the person on the passport, it WILL NOT be accepted.

Further, the picture on the passport must be less than five years old (if the individual presenting the passport is younger than thirty years old) to be accepted as a primary form of identification. By way of example, if the passport presented says that the individual is 24 years old, and the picture on the passport was taken when that individual was 18, this is NOT acceptable as a primary form of identification.

Photos of your passport may be accepted as a secondary form of identification provided everything is readable and your photo is clear.

Military ID (photo) - Will be accepted as a form of ID as long as it is not expired.


ANY ID that is listed as expired, regardless of form WILL NOT be accepted.

Anyone that is believed to be visibly intoxicated will be denied entry.

Anyone that is believed to have been recently in a fight (bleeding, torn clothing, visibly agitated) will be denied entry.

Anyone acting in such a manner to suggest that they will cause a disturbance on the premises will be denied entry.

Credit cards, debit cards, student ID, and weapon license WILL NOT be accepted.

Even if an individual has all of the above identification, if the door personnel does not believe the person presenting the identification is the person to whom the identification belongs, that individual will not be allowed in.